Biomimetic dentistry is a conservative and minimally invasive approach to dental care. The term “biomimetic” means to mimic or copy nature. This type of dental care is designed to preserve your teeth and tooth structure by rebuilding teeth with materials that replicate natural teeth with great accuracy and efficiency. The goal of biomimetic dentistry is to restore a tooth to its original strength, function and appearance without cutting it down.

When our dentist and team take a biomimetic approach on your treatment, you are less likely to need a dental crown, root canal therapy or tooth extraction. Instead, advanced materials and treatment techniques are used to keep decayed or damaged teeth strong and sealed off from bacteria. For example, biomimetic dental fillings use more resilient materials to seal teeth against infection, meaning that the tooth will rarely require a root canal procedure.

Biomimetic dentistry places equal emphasis on the strength, function and biomechanics of the final result, using specialized methods that make the restorations provided respond just like your natural tooth would. This helps ensure that your tooth remains healthy and strong to improve your oral health.

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